Top 6 Things to Do at the Glamis Sand Dunes

Top 6 Things to Do at the Glamis Sand Dunes

If you are in the look-out for the perfect place for a weekend adventurous outing at the dunes then Glamis is the place for you. The Glamis sand dunes have beautiful views, offer fast action and high-horsepower thrills. Although the dunes appear to be like just an endless quantity of sand, there are a lot of things you with your family and friends can do during your stay here.

Here are certain favorite spots to go to in Glamis-

The Ledge at the Time of Sunset

Watching the sun set while off-roading is an amazing experience you can enjoy at the dunes. You will love the beautiful sunsets at Glamis. Undoubtedly, the best place to be in to watch the sunset is the Ledge in Glamis. This spot being one of the taller peaks makes it the best spot to go for seeing the sun go down. There is a lot of space for parking and this place is fairly popular.

Oldsmobile Hill

Oldsmobile Hill is an extremely popular hill at Glamis. It is a huge sand dune located in the center of the Glamis sand dunes. people go to this spot to hang out the entire day and enjoy racing up and down the dune. Oldsmobile Hill is an incredible site at night. From the beautiful skies to the magnificent lights making tracks around, up and down Oldsmobile Hill, this is a spot you would not want to miss.

Sand Drags

The “Sand Drags” comprise of a flat drag strip where racing is done by people for fun. People stand in a line and quads, bikes and buggy’s race in between the people. You can park on either side of the strip to either participate or watch the races. This is the place where the “best of the best” buggies, custom sand rails and UTV’s participate to show their power.


There are four major fabulous camping places at Glamis- the Washes, the Flats, Gecko Road and the canal. Each has its own unique features. Enjoy Glamis sand dunes camping to have a great time with your family and friends. Have a wonderful camping experience with sand around you.

Art Wood’s Swing Set

This is a giant swing set and is a new family-friendly place built as a memorial for Art Wood who not only thoroughly loved the dunes but also was a good friend to many. The swing set is an excellent place to take the kids and take a break from riding while the kids play a bit.

The Flag Pole

The Flag Pole is placed on a large metal box which is extremely big for people to jump on it and take some fascinating photos. This place has a special importance because the box was supposedly dropped and used for target practice by the military. The presence of flag pole has been since the year 2000, and now it even has a solar light on top for keeping it lit up at night.


The Glamis Sand Dunes are extremely more than just being endless swathes of sand. Besides having thrilling adventures, there are a lot of other things you and your family can enjoy during your trip. Visit the fascinating spots and enjoy everything Glamis has to offer. You will find it so amazing that you will want to visit it again and again!

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