OHVs and their Types

OHVs and their Types

Do you want to go on an adventure in Southern California that will provide you thrills and adventure? We have the perfect option for you. The Imperial Sand Dunes recreational area, also known as Glamis Sand dunes, is the largest off-highway vehicle sand dunes recreational area in all United States. There are plenty of reasons why Glamis is a favorite location for OHV enthusiasts. People return to the Imperial sandbox for years, sometimes spanning generations. Glamis offers amazing adventure and miles of solitude and scenery, making it one of a kind.

From October 1st to April 15th, permits are required to enter the recreational area during the official sand season. If you already have the permit and need to rent a ride to enjoy on the sand, do not worry, as several Glamis rentals would help you hire the OHV for your stay at Glamis sites. If you want help in selecting the vehicle for you, there are different kinds of off-highway vehicles available to rent at the site.

What are Off-Highway Vehicles?

An off-highway vehicle is intended to be used on steep or uneven grounds such as agricultural lands or construction sites, including sand dunes. These are specifically designed for off-road use. Quad bikes, Dirt Bikes, and other all-terrain vehicles are often included as OHVs even if their function is different from a motor vehicle designed for industrial and farm use. However, certain characteristics are similar across all OHVs, such as large tires with treads, flexible suspension, and Caterpillar tracks.

Best OHV practices

The following is a list of tips that the rider should remember to appreciate and enjoy the use of OHVs on public lands such as Glamis sand dunes.

  • The rider should always wear a protective helmet.
  • Follow posted signage such as sensitive wildlife and plant habitat, danger areas, or closed for vehicle usage. Stick to open riding areas and always be aware of your location.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is registered and safe to use, while carrying proof of rental, you at all times.
  • Motorcycles should be equipped with an approved spark arrestor and sound muffler and should meet state-related noise standards.
  • Every vehicle should have a tall flag attached to it so that you are visible from a long distance and for others to keep track of where you are going.

Types of OHVs Available for Rent

  • ATV

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are four-wheeled motorized vehicles with a width of 48 inches or less, designed specifically for off-road terrain and are meant to be used by a single Rider. They are powered by gas and equipped with four low-pressure tires, a steering handlebar, and straddled seat for the rider.

  • UTV

A modified version of recreational highway vehicles comes with four or more wheels, seating for more occupants, automatic type controls for steering and braking, occupant restraint, and a speed capability of less than 30 mph.

  • RV

RV is short for a recreational vehicle. They are often called motorhomes interchangeably. However, RV is an umbrella term for different types of vehicles and trailers, such as travel trailers, camper vans, and different classes of motorhomes. These vehicles include living quarters designed for accommodation and camping.

If you need help renting vehicles or equipment for your visit to Glamis dunes, feel free to contact us, and we will help you out in the best way possible.

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