Why Glamis is the Perfect Vacation Spot For You This Season

Why Glamis is the Perfect Vacation Spot For You This Season

There are different kinds of people in the world, some of them love to go to the beach or the mountains every season while some of them want to try new things every now and then. One of the best vacation spots for you this season can be the Glamis dunes! If you would like to experience the dessert once in your life, then this is the right opportunity for you. So, let’s get to know all about this vacation spot!

What are Glamis Sand Dunes?

The imperial sand dunes recreational area, also known as the Algodones dunes, is one of the most enormous sand dunes mass in California. It is also the largest OHV recreation area for sand dunes in the country. These dunes are around 40 miles long, 6 miles wide, and up to 300 feet tall, with approximately 118,000 acres open to off-highway vehicle (OHV) enjoyment. You will find various camping areas scattered around the dunes, and a maximum number of people coming for a vacation prefer Glamis rentals for RVs and ATVs. If you are wondering why ATVs then, they are one of the best rides for a dessert journey! The best part is that your whole family can take an adventure ride anytime they want.

Aside from plenty of two, three, and four-wheeled action, the area is also a popular location for filming, with blockbuster films such as American Sniper, War Dogs, Star Wars, and Lawrence of Arabia all being shot there.

Where Is It Located?

The dunes can be found in Imperial County, California, at the state’s southernmost point. They are situated west of the Chocolate Mountains, bordering Arizona to the east and Mexico to the south. The northern end is roughly 11 miles east of Calipatria, while the southern end is about 6 miles west of Yuma, Arizona, near Los Algodones in Mexico.

Mammoth Wash in the north end, Glamis Flats on the east side, Gecko Flats/Gecko Rd on the west side, and Buttercup Valley at the south end are the four primary camping locations. The most famous one amongst them is Glamis Flat!

What is the Best Time to Visit?

This place is great to visit anytime during the year, especially when you want to have a private camping session with your family. You can simply rent an RV, and you are set to spend lovely weekends in the desert but, if you love your skin, then try to avoid going out in the dunes during fall/winter and early spring. When the temperature goes beyond your threshold, it can get difficult to take an ATV ride or go around and look for the best sunset! If you want to have fun inside and outside your rented RV, the best season to visit is around October through Mid April! Everything is cool and pleasant, and we are sure you will love the touch of the sand on your skin during this time.

The best part about Glamis dune is that you get to enjoy the dessert and various other activities like climbing, hill climbing, sand drag racing, partying, etc. As cars and bicycles won’t be available in the desert, hiring your vacation vehicle is one of the best options. So, if you wish to hire the best quality ATVs, Rvs and UTVs, then connect with us today!

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