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Essential Items To Bring For An Rental RV Trip

Spending a few days at Glamis Dunes is a great way to getaway for either the weekend or on your own time from work. With that said, there are many things you need to remember to bring onto the RV so you can live in the RV with comfort, cleanliness, and convenience.

The rental RV might not have everything you need, and even if there are select items that the RV will provide, it does not hurt to bring your own amenities. Here are all the essential items to bring to your RV Rental Glamis:


Your RV will come with some sort of beds for you and your family and/or friends to sleep in, whether they are beds, bunks, or other sleeping quarters. There is a good chance, however, that the RV will not include pillows and sheets.

The reason rental RVs do not have their own bedding is due to the possibility of renters stealing them. You do not need to bring your primary bed pillows and sheets, as they are not worth the risk to take on an RV trip. But you can instead use serviceable sheets and pillows that you keep in storage. Blankets are also a consideration to take on a rental RV, but if you are going out to the dunes, you might not need them.

Crockery and Silverware

There is also a good chance that crockery and silverware won’t be available already in your rental RV. Cups, bowls, plates, glasses, forks, spoons, and knives are among the most frequent of these utensils that families in RV need to eat and drink with.

You might own quality silverware and crockery that you don’t mind risking on a short RV trip, such as metal silverware and hard plastic cups and plates. The caveat to bringing said items, however, is that you might need to wash them. With that said, your RV might not have a dishwasher, or if it does, you might not want to take the time to learn how to use it for just a couple of days inside the RV. Your best option in this regard is using cheap and disposable paper crockery and plastic cutlery that can be thrown away after one use.

Cookware such as pots, pans, and cooking utensils are optional, so do not bring them unless you fully intend to cook on the RV.

Towels and Toiletries

Following a shower in your RV, you would like a towel to clean you off dry. You should expect the rental RV to already come with towels, but there is a good chance that the towels supplied might not be enough if you have many people with you on an RV trip. Thus, bringing additional towels with you is a good idea. RV renters should feel content with using their primary bath towels considering you can afford to get them dirty, unlike your best bedding.

Toilet paper is one amenity to expect the most from a rental RV, but like with towels, there might not be enough to provide for your whole trip, so it is still ideal to bring some of your own in case there is a shortage. Napkins, paper towels, and tissues are also toiletries that renters often forget to bring, which are essential for keeping you and the areas around you clean.


There are a number of items that are essential for comfortable living in the RV, but there is the possibility that these items are not supplied for you already. Be sure to provide your own items in this case.