Top 3 Places in America for RV Camping

Top 3 Places in America for RV Camping

Did you know that there are several places with sand dunes all over the United States? And many of these even attract hundreds of thousands of travelers or off-roaders each year.

Basically, a sand dune is a crescent-shaped hill of sand of various sizes. They take hundreds of years to form, but it is pretty fun to climb on an ATV or sand rail.

Now, it is time for you and your friends to experience the thrill, so grab your RV or rent from the best Glamis RV rental, that is, Glamis Rents, and get ready for an exciting getaway to the top three Sand dunes around America:

  1. Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, California

The Imperial Sand Dunes, commonly known as Glamis, is a 123,000-acre recreational off-highway vehicle playground. This place is located in Imperial County, California.

Thousands of off-road enthusiast’s head to Glamis in their toy haulers, travel trailers, and RV rentals on vacation, from Halloween to New Years every year. You can also spend your vacation time riding off into the big sand dunes, spending evenings by campfires, and after a long fun-filled day, shower and relax in the luxury of your RV Rental.

If you also want to camp at Glamis in your RV rental or travel trailer, then you have lots of camping areas to choose from. All RV camping in Glamis is considered dry camping, which means that there are no electricity or water hookups, which is why many people consider renting out RVs instead of tent camping. Additionally, the main areas for RV camping at the Glamis are the Flats, the Washes, Gecko Road and Loop, and Keyhole.

For travelers or RV drivers, who are going to Dunes for the first time, would certainly have an easier time camping by the Gecko Road or the flats because they have simple drive-in spots. The camping areas in Glamis can be pretty crowded, so when planning your trip, try to get there before the busy weekend starts or as early as you can.

  1. Silver Lake State Park, Michigan

Wouldn’t it be exciting to explore the forest, listen to the sound of waves all day long on the beach, and be able to ride along the sand dunes all in one RV road trip? If you like the idea, then you should definitely check out Silver Lake State Park.

The Silver Lake State Park is a place with over 450 acres of sand dunes at 100 feet in height that stretch out accompanying the shore of Lake Michigan. Off-road lovers usually start coming into the Silver Lake State Park from 1st April to 31st October and spend their time in the comfort of their Toy Hauler in one of the many RV parks and campgrounds.

The Silver Lake State Park Dunes gives something unique that most sand dunes can’t, a gorgeous waterfront view while you ride over the ridges and climb the tall sand dunes.

  1. Kill pecker Dunes, Wyoming

Kill pecker Dunes are located in Sweet water County, Wyoming, which is about an hour north of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Not to mention, Kill pecker Sand Dunes is one of the largest sand dunes in the world, stretching over 100 square miles. So, don’t forget your camera to click the large sweeping views of sand for miles.

Therefore, RV camping is the better and best way to camp comfortably after spending the day on the sand. So, find your favorite RV at Glamis Rents today by contacting at 408.513.OCRV (6278) and start your fun trip.

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