OHVs and their Types

Do you want to go on an adventure in Southern California that will provide you thrills and adventure? We have the perfect option for you. The Imperial Sand Dunes recreational area, also known as Glamis Sand dunes, is the largest off-highway vehicle sand dunes recreational area in all United States. There are plenty of reasons why Glamis is a favorite location for OHV enthusiasts. People return to the Imperial sandbox for years, sometimes spanning generations. Glamis offers amazing adventure and miles of solitude and scenery, making it one of a kind. (more…)


Why You Should Consider Renting an ATV when visiting Glamis 

The chances of you owning a heavy vehicle to transport your four-wheeler, travelling with large equipment like an ATV is obviously challenging as a vacationer.

Renting an ATV is the best option if you want to avoid the costs of monthly payments, transporting an ATV to your vacation destination, or shipping an ATV to a specified location. (more…)


Things You Need to Pack Before You Leave For Your Vacation at the California Dunes!

We all love to go on a vacation and wait for the time of the year to arrive desperately. If you plan to visit the Californian Dunes this season, we recommend you start planning already! Arrangements like Sand dunes California ATV and RV are easy to book, especially during peak season. Want to know what else is required for you to take care of? Have a look at this infographic below! (more…)


Things For You to do on Your Visit to the Glamis Sand Dunes

Planning a vacation every once in a while is one of the most important things to keep your mind and soul in peace. If you are tired of your regular boring office days, it's time that you take a fun vacation. Now when it comes to finding the best destination, we all want something different and unique to explore. If you have already been to the mountains and the sea, the next thing for you to explore is Glamis Sand dunes. Want to know more about all the fun you can have there? Let's talk about a list of things for you to do! (more…)


Tips you Need to know Before Starting your Dunes Camping Adventure

The world is full of beautiful and astounding creations on one side, you have the ocean, and on the other side, you have a desert filled with dunes; both are equally relaxing and amazing places to spend some time in. If you have finally decided that sand dunes are going to be the vacation spot for this season then, it's a great idea to try RV rentals and camp in the dunes! Taking this advice, we promise you won't be disappointed. (more…)


Top 3 Places in America for RV Camping

Did you know that there are several places with sand dunes all over the United States? And many of these even attract hundreds of thousands of travelers or off-roaders each year.

Basically, a sand dune is a crescent-shaped hill of sand of various sizes. They take hundreds of years to form, but it is pretty fun to climb on an ATV or sand rail.

Now, it is time for you and your friends to experience the thrill, so grab your RV or rent from the best Glamis RV rental, that is, Glamis Rents, and get ready for an exciting getaway to the top three Sand dunes around America: (more…)


Top 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When You Rent an RV in Glamis

Are you planning a trip to a breathtaking location with your children this summer? Which vehicle do you prefer for a road trip: a hatchback, an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), or a MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle)? No matter what you choose, none of them will provide you with the amenities you are accustomed to having at home. However, when you rent a recreational vehicle, you have a solution for all of your travel accommodations.

An RV rental in Glamis has almost everything you could need for a comfortable vacation, including a bed, kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, water heater, television, and much more. The shape and size of RVs and trailers should be determined by the number of occupants they can carry and the modern amenities they include. Before you reserve your RV, determine the number of people who will be attending the vacation.

Are you thinking of heading out to a breath-taking destination with your kids this summer? Which car do you want to use to hit the road - a hatchback, an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), or a MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle)? Whatever you choose, none of those can provide you with the facilities you generally use in your home. But when you rent a recreational vehicle, you find a solution for all accommodations while traveling. (more…)


Top 5 Glamis RV Rentals You Can Hire For Your Next Visit 

There are plenty of ways to have fun and excitement outside your 9-5 job. You could travel with Glamis RV rentals, or you can go on vacation destinations of your choice. For those looking for a new, exciting adventure this summer with the whole family in tow and an extra; it might be worth checking out Class A RV rental. These RVs are usually very luxurious and expensive while still being accessible for less wealthy families too.

Class B RV rental is a vehicle that offers you the convenience of parking and operation. It feels like driving your minivan, but it's more luxurious. When traveling long distances with this rig, you'll be comfortable to spend time in. (more…)