May 2020- Re Opening

May 2020- Re Opening

We hope this message finds your family happy and healthy!

I want to start by saying that I can’t thank our customers enough for your continued support of small local businesses such as ours! Small businesses are the backbone of our country, and I appreciate all the support especially over the last few months! We need your support now more than ever, and we are going to work hard to make sure that we are the right choice for your family’s next trip

Like every other small business, this slowdown has been very tough on us, but we plan to make meaningful changes to our procedures and emerge better than ever. I hope that this update will help generate some much needed excitement for your summer vacation planning!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you again this year!

As of May 8th Santa Clara County has allowed outdoor businesses such as ours to re-open, and they have eased travel restrictions related to outdoor recreation. We have been surprised by the number of calls, emails, and texts we have received over the past few weeks, the support has been overwhelming! Thank you for your patience with us while we were closed, and continued patience as we start to ramp back up! Our phones are now open as of today, Tuesday, May 12th and we will be available to schedule rental pickups starting Thursday, May 14th.

We are also watching as numerous counties across the state continue to re-open recreational areas for OHV, Boating, & Camping.   City, County, & State leaders are beginning to understand the importance of outdoor activity, and have started working toward opening up these areas.   Many recreational opportunities are already open, or never closed- and I will touch on this a little later in this update. 

Our business has always been ‘by appointment’ only, we meet with our customers one family at a time. ‘Social distancing’ has been our norm for many years. We do request that if you happen to be at our yard at the same time as other families, please ensure to maintain 6’ social distance as required by county order.  

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